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Cohort study is one of the fundamental research methods of epidemiology. Through the cohort, it is possible to collect and analyze information of genetic and environmental diversity accurately and continuously, to investigate and identify biomarkers and personalized medicine. Most of the existing cohort studies are self-contained, independent, lack of visibility, with insufficient co-operation and data sharing between each other. The academic value of the data that has been collected and stored in cohort studies have not been fully exploited and utilized.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to establish a multi-level three-dimensional cooperation and sharing strategy. We hope that it will encourage and help researchers from public health, clinical and other study interest to be linked more closely by providing data management, data interaction, tools development, repositories and other function.

Resources Advantages

The consortium has firstly included Over ten cohort studies or other research projects of the School of Public Health, Peking University (China Kadoorie Biobank, the Chinese National Twin cohort, etc.) have been included as . The project covers a wide range of research areas such as chronic diseases, infectious diseases, maternal and child health, occupational diseases and so on. The data were collected from the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China.

Professional Advantages

The consortium is established by the School of Public Health, Peking University, which is one of the most famous colleges of public health in China. The research teams in the college is composed of top-level researchers from domestic and overseas, and they had carried out a lot of research in the fields of preventive medicine, public health, etc.

Our Mission

Harmonize projects and data, create a research network with the spirit of mutualism, sharing and all-win.

Our Credo


Mutual benefit, openness and all-win


Top quality resources and an elite team


Complementary and United

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China Cohort Consortium

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China Cohort Consortium welcomes you to join! Please check the invitation letter, basic information survey form and data information survey form. Welcome to contact us via email.