Through standard procedure of data publishing, data management and data use, we provide professional data harmonization and integration services, to achieve equal, secure and efficient cooperation.

Data Publishing and Hosting

We publish the general basic information of projects, improve the visibility of projects, and find the possibility for cooperation through providing the convenient way of submission and admission. We will also provide data hosting services to assist researchers to manage and process data after signing the data hosting protocol based on the demand of researchers.

Data View

We can provide information of baseline investigation and follow-up investigation, as well as variables details. Based on research interest and needs, users can apply for part or all of variables details of any project.

Application for Data Analysis

We provide different ways of data analysis for users. Users can apply for data analysis by themselves or cooperate with our data analysis team. Users shall upload research proposal and statistic protocol for application. Any application for data analysis will be approved by expert committee.


We provide references papers or reports for data harmonization, epidemiology study design, statistics methods.